Welcome to Customer Service Week
Customer Service Week October 7 - 11, 2019

About the Customer Service Week Logo

The 2019 Customer Service Week theme is The Magic of Service™.

The theme recognizes that good service is magical. It can turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied long term customer. It can turn an occasional customer into a repeat customer. And it can turn any customer into your biggest fan and advocate.

The theme is colorfully illustrated in a teal, red and yellow logo. The colors work together to evoke the fun and excitement of a classic magic show.

The logo is imprinted on a wide-range of exclusive decorations, gifts, rewards, stress relievers, puzzles, handouts, and more for use during Customer Service Week 2019.

Customer Service Week

Your responsibility as a celebration planner

The Customer Service Week logo is the symbol that gives the week a distinctive and recognizable image.

As a celebration planner, you are part of the Customer Service Week image-building process. We rely on you to ensure that the logo is not used in any way that diminishes its value, impacts negatively on the program, or violates trademark law.

The logo may not be reproduced on posters, banners, balloons, or any dimensional items such as gifts, rewards, and stress relievers.

The logo may be used in the following ways:

  • Posted to your company internet site, intranet site, or social media sites to announce the week and your participation.
  • Printed in your company publications to announce the week and your participation.
  • Printed on limited materials used during your celebration. This includes invitations, agendas and announcements.
  • Included in emails to announce the week and your participation.
  • Incorporated into baked-goods served during your celebration. This includes cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

The shape, colors, and typeface used in the Customer Service Week logo were carefully selected. You may not stretch, condense, reshape, change the colors or alter the logo in any way.

By downloading these logos, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions of use.

If you wish to use the logo for any other purpose or in any other format, you must have written permission. Please complete the Permission Request Form and send to msdewitt@CSWeek.com