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Customer Service Week October 5 - 9 2020

Customer Service Week
Sample Event Proposal

Ready to celebrate? Use the sample memo to request funding from your management.



TO:           Sarah

FROM:      Mary

RE:           Request for Funding — Customer Service Week

I’d like to host a Customer Service Week celebration for the service staff in our St. Paul and Davenport locations.

Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

The goal of our celebration will be to boost morale, motivation, and teamwork. I have planned a series of activities to support this goal but need your help in funding the program.

By way of background, Customer Service Week has been celebrated since 1987 and in 1992 the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event. It is celebrated annually during the first full week in October.

Each year, thousands of companies around the globe celebrate Customer Service Week. Last year, they represented all 50 states and over 60 countries. Several companies in our field celebrate. (Insert details from the Who Celebrates web page.)

I am very impressed with the benefits these organizations have seen from their celebrations. For example, here is a quote from the Customer Service Week website. (Additional testimonials may be found on the Testimonials web page)

“It is a great opportunity to recognize the efforts used to provide
great service and to show we value those contributions.”

Vicki Chia
Iowa Network Services

The cost for our first celebration is $(Insert your total request here). And we will have (Insert number) people celebrating. The cost per person is just $(Insert amount). I can’t think of a more cost-effective way to increase morale and motivation.

I plan to provide teambuilding activities each day, to recognize our top performers for their accomplishments, to thank everyone for their commitment to our customers, and to reinforce the important role that our frontline staff plays in the organization. I will use official Customer Service Week decorations, gifts, stress-relievers, puzzles, and activities from the Customer Service Week website CSWeek.com.

I hope you agree that this is a productive activity for our staff and that you will fund the full $(Restate amount) requested.