Customer Service Week October 7 - 11, 2019

Customer Service Week
25 Celebration Tips

  1. Decorate the service center with Posters, Banners, Pennants, and Balloons. Hang posters and banners in advance to generate excitement for the celebration to come.
  2. Start the week with a kick-off breakfast.
  3. At your breakfast, invite the service team to sign the Customer Service Week Pledge.
  4. Give each person signing the pledge a Logo Pin as a reminder of their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  5. Recognize the individuals and groups that support your department. Present them with Certificates of Appreciation and include them in your celebration activities.
  6. Thank your customers and remind them of your commitment to customer service with personally signed Thank-You Cards.
  7. Make your Thank-You Cards more meaningful by enclosing a copy of your mission statement or a photograph of your service team.
  8. Thank frontline staff by sending personally signed Thank-You Cards to their homes.
  9. Answer your phones, “Thank you for calling during Customer Service Week. How may I help you?” Be prepared to explain the week and how it supports your mission of service excellence.
  10. Solve at-your-desk puzzles throughout the week. The Puzzles page includes pencil-and-paper puzzles you can print for everyone on your team.
  11. Award prizes to everyone who tries a puzzle. At the end of the week host a grand prize drawing from among the participants.
  12. Host ready-to-use activities. At the Activities page you’ll find team-building, skill-building, and stress-relief activities for teams of every size.
  13. Host theme days with coordinated activities, food, and costumes. Some of the most popular themes are Stress Relief Day, Company Colors Day, Pajama Day, 60s Day, and Sports Team Day. See the creative theme days at Estep Enterprises.
  14. Create games based on popular TV shows such as Amazing Race, Jeopardy!, Cash Cab, and Survivor.
  15. Recognize the service team for their hard work and dedication. Gifts with the Customer Service Week logo provide a year-round reminder of your appreciation.
  16. Host ready-to-use recognition activities. The Activities page includes activities for groups of all sizes including an Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and Peer-to-Peer Recognition.
  17. Enjoy a festive meal or snack breaks such as a catered lunch, ice-cream sundae break, or cupcake and coffee get-together. Use our Cupcake Toppers to make ordinary cupcakes special.
  18. Make a special delivery. If your team can’t gather for a break, have team-leaders, supervisors, and managers make special deliveries to each person with a snack, token of appreciation, and words of thanks.
  19. Include remote staff by sending celebration boxes with balloons, small gifts, and a photograph of your
    in-house team.
  20. Document the celebration. From simple photo backdrops to photo booths and custom selfie frames, everyone loves to snap a reminder of the celebration. Our print-and-use photo booth props make it easy.
  21. Share your celebration. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram share your celebration photos on your organization’s social media channels. Here’s how.
  22. Incorporate a charitable element into your celebration. From fundraising to clothing and canned food drives a give-back activity is great for building team cohesion.
  23. Motivate with a personal address from your CEO, president, or division head, on the importance of service to your organization. Share the speech with in-house and remote staff via online video conferencing. Here’s a wonderful motivational video from University of Toledo Medical Center.
  24. Finish the week with a Closing Ceremony. Thank all of the people who gave their time and energy to make the week a success. Make your final prize awards. And then hang your Certificate of Participation.
  25. Have fun. This is the one week out of 52 to reflect on successes, celebrate accomplishments, and
    re-energize so that that your team can deliver the best possible service for the next 51 weeks.

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