Welcome to Customer Service Week
Customer Service Week October 5 - 9 2020

Customer Service Week Activities

Match Up


Match Up


Photos of team members

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners

CSW Scratchers for all participants


There are so many variations and so many ways to get to know team members with this simple matching game. If you have remote staff, it can be an effective way to include them in the celebration as well.

The objective is for participants to match photographs to their coworkers. Popular match themes are baby pictures, pets, smiles, and even shoes.

Click to see how Mondial added a high-tech twist to the classic Match Up activity.


Collect photos from participants or snap photos yourself. Then create a display with each photo clearly numbered. People will enjoy gathering and chatting about the photos, so a nice display in a central location is best. However, if you are working with remote staff, a PowerPoint presentation can work equally well.

When your staff is assembled, explain that each person should create a numbered list with their answers. Allow two or three days for completion. When the time is up, invite the group for an announcement of the correct matches.

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